Instruments: We have all your instrument needs covered from speedos, gauges, clocks, odometer repairs, cruise control. We can supply new and repair existing instrument components. We repair cluster units for all vehicles including Ford, Holden, Hyundai, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Kia and Toyota just to name a few.

We specialise in repairing the latest digital clusters and electronic control modules. In a lot of cases, it is cheaper to repair the modern dashes, than it is to replace them with new.

Cables: We manufacture all kinds of mechanical cables, most of which are used for bikes, cars and commercial and agricultural vehicles. These include throttle cables, brake cables, clutch cables, tacho (rev counter) cables and speedometer cables. Cable fittings and raw materials are also stocked and supplied to customers requirements.

We can repair or supply new mechanical cables by copying an example of the original cable, manufacturing cables to your specific requirements. We need to know the end-to-end length and the type of end terminations required as well as knowing the type and diameter of the inner cable and its outer sheathing. Sending us the old cable helps us to ensure that we supply exactly what you need.